I’m a singer and songwriter specializing in music from South America. Please check out my musical website to hear some of my recordings:

Long ago I studied voice and composition at Oberlin Conservatory and then later at UCSB, where I also trained as an actor.

Over the years, I’ve studied with Dave Worm, Faith Winthrop, Rhiannon, Cecilia Engelhart, and Susan Rode Morris.

Right now I’m collaborating with classical guitarist and songwriter Jennifer Trowbridge. I’m also learning the tiple, a Colombian 12-string guitar. I’ve been traveling once a year to study with tiplista Oriol Caro and to learn popular vocal repertoire with other Colombian musicians such as Miguel Angel Urrea Mejia and Yimy Robles.

My goal is to find a way to live in Colombia for several years while making as much music as I can.