On Blade Runner 2049

We decided to escape to a movie theater with filtered air last night. Saw Blade Runner 2049.

Gorgeous cinematography, but isn’t it time to stop envisioning a dystopian future where there are naked Barbie-shaped women everywhere you look? The male gaze is strong with this one…

At least be equal-opportunity with your objectification. This goes for the female characters, the female holograms, even the female freaking statuary. But why not come up with something more original and nuanced instead?

Yes, there was no shortage of female characters played by good actresses (especially Robin Wright), but finally they all seemed so static and relentlessly focused on the central male character.

And then there’s the gratuitous violence, the magical appearance of flying cars whenever you need them, and a grinding plot that I lost interest in just when I was supposed to be most interested, at the Big Plot Twist, with soooo much movie still to come…

C’mon Hollywood, you can tell stories better than this.