Sing into the fatigue

“Sing into the fatigue.”

That’s what my vocal coach Cecilia Engelhart keeps telling me.

It means, “Just ask your voice to do what it can in this moment. Go up to the edge of what’s possible but don’t push past that boundary. Chances are, things will open up as you go. But if you push, you’ll just get more tired — and tense”.

Such a good lesson for life. I often find myself really tired these days, and I keep pushing myself to produce — for my work, for my art, for whatever priority seems most urgent — when I probably should be resting instead, or at least just “singing into the fatigue”.

It doesn’t have to be literal. The next time you feel exhausted, imagine yourself singing into that depleted place within yourself, sending yourself strength and encouragement through song. Not pushing yourself & ignoring your limits, just letting your body resonate with an image of harmony, flow, and well-being.

And if your body responds with, “That’s nice, but what I’d really like is a lullaby”, you can always change your tune.